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Description: This is your best value for purchasing Canadian Jam. Mix and Match 12 16oz. tins of CANADA'S jam. Add to your economy pack and save even more. [more info»]

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Simply Awesome
Reviewed by: Don Cain, Ottawa
Reviewed on: 09/05/2016

Brings back fond memories of growing up in Northwestern Ontario. These jams were a staple in our household and often given and cherished as gifts.

Happy I found you
Reviewed by: Ronald Hoard, Michigan
Reviewed on: 09/22/2010

I am so happy that I learned that I can order your jam online. We went to Lunkers, your only outlet in Michigan and they don't have your jam anymore. Looking forward to 12 new cans! It's the best!

Arkie's Eat Malkin's
Reviewed by: Suzanne Dew, Knoxville, Arkansas
Reviewed on: 05/12/2009

I grew up on home canned jams and jellys prepared by my grandmother, an avid fisherwoman and part squirrel. She harvests and preserved all that nature provided for free--including abundant fruit perserves of all kinds. Store bought jam was an insult to her and shameful for us to have in the house. When she was not able to provide jam for our family it became a bit of a crisis--however we had 3 year of over production to eat through while meditating on how to solve the problem with integrity.

In 2002 our family was on a fishing trip at Lake of the Woods when we first bought Canada's Jam at a country store. I was amazed how much it was like my grandmother's and free of all the preservatives. We all especially liked the can. Grandmother approved.

We order several cases at a time to ensure we don't run out. PB and J is a staple in the lunch box and the apricot is awesome in venison stew!!

Fabulous Jam!!
Reviewed by: Jackie Johnson, Nipomo, California
Reviewed on: 08/29/2008

Once again I am ordering the economy pack of 12 cans of jam. We are down to the last few spoonfuls of the last can of Blackberry and must have more! Our favorites are the Blackberry and the incredibly yummy Raspberry. We have some almost every morning.
Besides the great flavor, I am very pleased that these jams do not contain red or blue dye as do most jams.
The only problem with these jams is that I sincerely intend to use some as gifts but, in fact, can't seem to let them go when the time comes!
Long ago, we first bought this jam in a general store in Bismarck, North Dakota. I am genuinely happy to be able to order these online and get them delivered to our door. Beats hauling cans back in suitcases!!
Thank you so much!!

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