Red River Cereal This famed hot cereal with the delightful nutty flavour originated in Manitoba's storied Red River Valley.

Red River Cereal is a mixture of three whole grains - wheat, rye, and flax. Nothing is added and nothing is removed. This blend of grains is NATURALLY LOW IN FAT and gives a balance of flavour that no single grain cereal can match.


Canada's® Great North Style Hot Cereal

Dear Valued Customer,

We are in short supply of Red River cereal. When it is gone we will be removing it from the website.

Why is Red River cereal being discontinued?
The Red River cereal brand is currently owned by J.M. Smuckers. This company, for their own reasons, have decided to make Red River cereal unavailable for sale in the United States.

What will replace Red River cereal?
In its place we have sourced a product that is made in the same way as Canadian Pioneers would have manufactured it... small scale production using simple readily available ingredients: cracked wheat, rye, flax, and wild rice.

It is high fibre, all natural, no additives. Please see the Nutritional Facts Table to the right. The new name will be Canada's® Great North Style Hot Cereal. It will be available in a 16oz retail pack and a 5lb pioneer size for hot cereal fanatics. We are sure you will enjoy!

We plan to launch this product shortly.

Thanks for your patronage. It is appreciated!

Yours sincerely,

Mark Loney
Canada's Food

Where Can I Buy Red River Cereal? offers the following Red River Cereal products and packs that can be purchased right from our online store: For more information, history and recipes visit the official Red River Cereal website.

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