Why CANADA'S Brand?

July 15th, 2008

You may have noticed the brand of jam we used to sell you is gone and there is a new label.

The old label was produced by Golden Valley Foods which was owned by the Funk family. Unfortunately, as with many successful family-owned businesses, command passed to the new generation and the new generation was not interested in operating the factory. In May of 2006 the Funk family decided to sell their company to E.D. Smith out of Winona, Ontario. Although they hoped that their former employees would be looked after and continue to be employed in Abbotsford, this was not to be the case. Soon after the E.D. Smith purchase, an announcement was made that the factory would be closed. Production would be moved to E.D. Smith's headquarters in Southern Ontario. You can imagine people were upset about what happened, especially the workers. There has been much written about it in newspapers and on the Internet.

E.D Smith then decided that tin production would not be moved to E.D. Smith's main plant. Production would be made up with other brands in glass jars.

The Abbotsford plant closed permanently on June 29th, 2007. This was the last time the old brand was made. As a final epitaph to the story, Treehouse Farms, an even larger multinational, purchased E.D. Smith in late 2007.

Where is CANADA'S Pure Jam Produced?

Last Mountain Berry Farms produces CANADA'S Pure Jam in Southey Saskatchewan. The new factory is owned by the Issac family whose #1 concern is quality.

We hired a consultant from the closed down Abbotsford plant to help with our new CANADA'S brand. The Saskatchewan plant, we were told, is like the Golden Valley plant 20 years ago. As with all new startups, there have been some learning curves. Steps have been taken to correct some of these problems including investing heavily in new kettles and condensers. The new equipment is similar to what was in the Golden Valley plant in that it concentrates the flavor of the jam under vacuum, at a lower temperature, and at a faster rate which returns a fresher, lighter jam with more berry pieces. Both the Issac family as well as ours are very proud of our products. Our goal is to produce the best tasting product on the market. Input, good and bad, is truly appreciated. We can be reached by using our Contact Page or calling us directly from the United States at 1-800-263-8003.

What Flavors of Jam are Available?

We currently have 6 flavors of CANADA'S Pure Jam - Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Cherry, and Saskatoon. We are very excited about our Saskatoon Berry Jam. Please visit our Saskatoon Berries page for fascinating history, nutritional information, and news on this exciting new industry.

New flavors will be introduced one at a time. The necessary label registration is currently being done on Apricot and we hope to introduce Black Currant, Peach, and Orange Marmalade shortly.

Who is Last Mountain Berry Farms?

Last Mountain Berry Farms history is very interesting. The Isaac family are pioneers in the commercial production of Saskatoon Berries - a uniquely delicious berry rich in antioxidants. They are the #1 processor of this berry in Canada.

Last Mountain Berry Farms main product is a fruit spread for which they have become famous. The making of Jam Type Spreads is an innovative technique that does not involve boiling the ingredients. This leaves the integrity of the berries intact for a fresh fruit flavor. They are also proud of the fact that their spreads are low in sugar. We were delighted when the Issac family decided to take on the production of our CANADA'S JAM™.

Last Mountain Berry Farms have also allowed us to sell their spreads in the U.S. You will soon have access to these unique and delicious products.

Our Thanks

Your loyalty is very much appreciated. Our goal is to create the best pure jam ever. Feedback, whether good or bad is important and is greatly appreciated.

Yours Sincerely,
Mark Loney
President, Cloverleaf Sales
Emo, Ontario P0W 1E0

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