Canada's™ Northern Style Hot Cereal

Canada's™ Northern Style Hot Cereal The Loney family business has sold Red River Cereal into the United States since 1932. The Red River Cereal brand was purchased a while back by J.M. Smucker's Foods Ltd. This company, for their own reasons, has decided Red River Cereal will no longer be available for sale in the United States.

This corporate closure of our product line has turned into an exciting business adventure for us. Canada's™ Northern Style Hot Cereal is born! Although similar to Red River Cereal, we have found our blend to be superior in taste and texture.

In order to explain the differences we need to go back in history. Canada's™ Northern Style Hot Cereal originated in the Red River Valley of Manitoba, Canada.

The winters are long and cold, the growing season short and hot. Grains that grew well in these conditions, and more importantly, kept well over the long cold winter were used. Mornings would inevitably start with this meal. This breakfast is a tasty, stick to your ribs, healthy, ready to go out in the inhospitable winter kind of food.

Homestead Mills

Homestead Mills Canadian Pioneers would have milled their grains in small, family run mills..., not the mega mills of today. Canada's Food goes back to this tradition by partnering with Homestead Mills. They are a small, family-run mill in Cook, Minnesota.

Our formula is true to the Canadian pioneer: Hard Red Spring Wheat, Winter Rye, Whole Flaxseed and Cracked Wild Rice. Canada's™ Northern Style Hot Cereal is simple to make, hearty and healthy with the added benefit of no additives or preservatives. We challenge you to give this sample a try.

You can order online at Canada's Food or phone us at 1-800-263-8003. Thank you for your past patronage. It is appreciated!

Yours sincerely,

Mark Loney
Canada's Food

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