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Why is CANADA'S JAM™ so well-liked?
Canadians are truly fanatical about "jam". While most of the world uses the word "jelly" to describe what they believe to be one product, Canadians have come up with many names to describe it.

The Canadian government, in fact, officially regulates and tests 14 different names for "jam". "Jelly" is one of these regulated names but is rarely sold in stores as it is perceived as inferior by Canadians. Canada's seriousness towards their "jam" has lead to the best jams being produced here. Many suggest it is part of our national heritage.

For your interest, official Canadian classifications for jam are:

Pure Jams - this is what CANADA'S JAM™ is classified under. It must have at least 45% finished fruit by weight after canning. It cannot contain sulphur dioxide, artificial color, or preservatives. The ingredients are simply- Berries, sweetener (sugar, glucose), pectin, and citric acid.

Pectinated Jams - This is closer to the American type of jam and may contain as little as 27% fruit, fruit preserved in sulphur dioxide and can contain color and preservatives.

Jam Type Spread - An innovative product produced by Last Mountain Berry Farms. Their jam type spreads are now featured on our website. The fruit is not boiled. This preserves the integrity of the berry making for a fresher tasting product. As an added bonus this product is low in sugar! It too has no preservatives, coloring, or sulpur dioxide. A uniquely Canadian treat that is a must try.

The rest of the official classifications include: Fruit Spread, Preserve, Conserve, Jelly, All Fruit Spread, Twice the Fruit, 50% Fruit, Marmalade, Marmalade with pectin, and Spread.

Why does CANADA'S JAM™ taste so much better?
There are four theories as to why CANADA'S JAM™ is so valued. The number one is the passion Canadians have for their jam. The second has to do with the fruit. Only quality fruit is used. Also, berries grown in Canada benefit from the long cold winters. Winter allows the ground to recuperate, while the short, intense growing season is ideal for flavorful berries.

The third is the argument between glass and tin containers. Quality Jam has always been packaged in a tin. This allows a fresher-tasting and better quality-controlled jam, possibly attributable to the prevention from exposure to the various light sources and their harmful affects. Almost all other jam producers have switched to glass containers.

The tin is also popular for outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing and camping. Glass easily breaks, and is not allowed in some remote camping areas. CANADA'S JAM is well-known in mountain climbing circles for this reason. Recent expeditions to famous summits like Mount Everest have requested this high-quality jam. CANADA'S JAM™ is a compact, high-energy food product -- an essential element in any backpack.

Also, the tradition has been around for close to 100 years It brings back great memories of the great Canadian outdoors and vacations past. This is what makes it such a great gift.
Where is the Wild Rice Harvested?
It is generally agreed that the farther North Wild Rice grows the better the quality. It has a larger grain, more distinct taste and without the "swampy" taste of patty rice. The majority of our rice is sourced in the far north of Manitoba. It is graded Jumbo Select which is the highest grade available. Organically grown in Canada's Northern Lakes.
Who is Last Mountain Berry Farms?
Last Mountain Berry Farms history is very interesting. The Isaac family are pioneers in the commercial production of Saskatoon Berries - a uniquely delicious berry rich in antioxidants. They are the #1 processor of this berry in Canada. For interesting facts and history on Saskatoons be sure to visit our site on Last Mountain Berry Farms.

Last Mountain Berry Farms main product is a fruit spread for which they have become famous. The making of Jam Type Spreads is an innovative technique that does not involve boiling the ingredients. This leaves the integrity of the berries intact for a fresh fruit flavor. They are also proud of the fact that their spreads are low in sugar. We were delighted when the Issac family decided to take on the production of our CANADA'S JAM™. For more information, visit our Last Mountain Berry Farms page.
What are Saskatoon Berries?
Saskatoons are comparable in size and appearance to blueberries but with a dark purple or red color. They are found primarily on Canada's Praries and Far North on trees that reach heights of 15 feet. The taste is very sweet and the berries very nutritious. For more interesting facts and pictures of this berry visit our Saskatoon Berries page.
What is jam type spread?
To be classified as a jam in Canada the ingredients must be boiled. This is necessary in order to concentrate the flavour. The problem with bringing the ingredients to a boil is the integrity of the berries is compromised and flavor escapes. Last Mountain Berry Farms' jam type spread is not boiled and is therefore, in Canada, classified as "jam type spread".

The benefit of not cooking the fruit is the integrity of the berry is preserved making for a fresh tasting product. It also leaves more whole berries in the spread. Mmmm... a true taste experience. Other benefits are it contains all natural ingredients, no preservatives, and is low in sugars, containing only 30 calories per serving. You will also find the reusable home canning jar handy.

This product has become hugely popular in Canada. Last Mountain Berry Farms has had phenomenal growth. We are excited that they have allowed us to introduce it to you.
What is the best before date on CANADA'S Pure Jam?
The benefit of purchasing a product in a tin is it is a true hermetic seal. It does not allow gasses or damaging light and its degrading effect to pass through like glass containers. We recommend consuming our products within 2 years of the production date.
How do I read the production code?
The production code can be found stamped on the side of the tin above the ingredients. The format is as follows:


  • P is the product code indicating the flavour of jam
  • MM is the month of production (e.g. 11 would be November)
  • DD is the day of the month
  • YY is the year of production (e.g. 08 would be 2008)
  • C   3 represents the third kettle of the day in that flavour
Is there a volume discount when I order more?
Yes, Shipping is a flat $12.00 per shipping address (within the continental US). The more you order at one time the more you save. If you order 20 cases or more another discount will be given. Contact us for special pricing at
How do I become a retailer?
We have an aggressive price structure for retailers interested in having CANADA'S JAM™ as a part of their inventory. For more information on price structures and additional volume discounts, please contact Cloverleaf Sales at U.S. Toll Free 1.800.263.8003, or via email at
Due to new 911 customs regulations we are enforcing a new 20 case minimum as this will be shipped directly out of Canada.
What forms of payment do you accept and in what currency?
Payment for your products through our website is easy and secure. We accept Visa and MasterCard for online purchases. All prices are listed and will be billed in US funds.
Is purchasing online at safe?
Yes! Security is very important to us. We use 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption on all pages where you as a customer are asked to enter personal information. Sometimes on our site, you'll notice a small yellow padlock in the bottom right corner of your browser. That means the page is secure and all information is encrypted.

You can also choose to view our digital certificate authenticating this site as by clicking the padlock.

What will appear on my credit card statement after purchasing online?
The company name will be Cloverleaf Sales, our corporate name.
Can Canadian and International customers purchase online?
At this time, online purchases can only be made by those in the U.S. For other methods of purchasing, please visit our offline ordering page.
I wish to buy locally, is there a retailer in my area?
Often there is depending on where you are. Please visit the retailers page to see all companies that carry CANADA'S JAM™ by city and province/state.

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