The History Behind Cloverleaf

D.H. Loney's Store - Circa 1910
D.H. Loney's Store - Circa 1910

Due to loss of work during the depression, Lawrence and Grace Loney set up shop in what used to be D.H. Loney's furniture store. Opening day of business for the riverfront enterprise was November 1st, 1932. The name, "Cloverleaf" came from the name of the road that led from Emo to Fort Frances - the Cloverleaf Trail.

Lawrence and Grace had 4 Children - Dave, Larry, Judy and Bill and in 1950 Dave entered the partnership. Bill later joined. Dave's eldest sons Mark and Dan became partners in the late 80's and 90's, and just recently Brendon (Mark's oldest) became part of the business. This addition makes four generations.

In 2001, Cloverleaf and the Fairway Store became one business, a merger of sorts as all the Fairway's staff continue to play important roles. The new Cloverleaf now stands where the Fairway Store once sat.

Many things have changed since 1932, but some things will never change - Cloverleaf Grocery will continue to be a community store. Our motto remains, "Our Customers are our friends. Our Friends are our community."

Full Service Grocery Store

Cloverleaf Grocery ExteriorCloverleaf Grocery Interior

Early in 2007 we changed our supplier and are now associated with the selling group "Family Foods". Our building not only holds a warehouse for CANADA'S Foods but also a full service grocery store. Within the grocery store you will find fresh produce, meats, deli, bakery, lottery and tobacco departments.

We invite you to sit down in our deli café and enjoy the fresh food and friendly atmosphere. Among other quick serve items we provide cappuccinos, gourmet coffee, custom sandwiches, and subs. Outside the store we have a self serve gas bar.

Pick-Up your Order

If you are traveling through our way be sure to stop by. We will take phone orders and have it ready when you arrive. Our American friends find this particularly useful when coming to our area for fishing, hunting or camping. You can contact us toll free from the U.S. at 1-800-263-8003 or fax 1-807-482-3095. Or feel free to email us at

Current Family Foods Flyer/Hours of Operation

Our current flyer is available online at Family Foods.

Hours of Operation
Monday to Saturday 6:00AM - 9:00PM
Sunday 10:00AM - 6:00PM

Wal-Mart versus Cloverleaf

Dan Loney stocking Cloverleaf shelves
David vs. Goliath - Dan Loney stocked the shelves at Cloverleaf with Ritz Crackers - just one of the many grocery items at the store marked with signs comparing Cloverleaf's prices to those of Wal-Mart. But this advertising has gotten the Loneys into a legal battle with the mega-company. - Duane Hicks photo Fort Frances Times

Cloverleaf Grocery goes Head to Head with Wal-mart!

Cloverleaf is known within the retail industry for our legal battle with super giant Wal-mart corporation. Shortly after we opened our new building in 2003, Wal-mart announced that they were going to build in our selling area. We toured Wal-mart shortly after it opened and noticed many of their grocery items were not priced cheaper than ours or were very easy to beat. Their marketing program was "We checked it out" and "We sell for less... always". We felt that if they could check out our prices, we to should be able to "check them out" as well. This plan paid big dividends. Instead of our market share shrinking like we expected, it grew!

Wal-Mart's Losing Battle

Wal-mart, slowly and surprisingly realized they were fighting a losing battle against us, and resorted to scare tactics including a threat to sue us for "loss of business due to unfair competition". Instead of being scared off by this we contacted the media and hired a lawyer to fight it. We were picked up not only by local media, but also national and international, including the Globe and Mail, and CBC's radio show "As it Happens".

Where to Read More

For more on the story we invite you to google us on the web or visit the Fort Frances Times Online website to read an article written by Heather Ogilvie entitled "Cloverleaf's advertising hits nerve with Wal-Mart".

We also find Dan's radio interview with "As it Happens" humorous. It can be heard at As it Happens. Ironically the local and international press further increased our business.

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